Donating will help the server alot!

Consider donating to keep the server running!


If theres something wrong with the Purchase like it got removed or you did not recieved it talk to hamsterfat using forums or 

/mail send hamsterfat message



If you will pay with PaySafe, talk with hamsterfat for it

Minimum purchase is 7$



How to donate using PaySafe cards ?

Go ingame and talk with me (hamsterfat) or just do /mail send hamsterfat .

Why the minimum donation is 7$?

It's because of fees sorry for that!

1 euro is not 1 $ right?

Since 1$ is not 1 euro, If you pay with PaySafe(Euro) then you might get extras.


The money goes to server funds that will be used for the expenses of the server! (Mojang is no way affiliated with the server)

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